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A01 Model Interface

Fabrication of model interface of Solid State Ionics Materials and their fundamental researches on interfacial ion dynamics


This group develops well-designed hetero/homo interface of solid state ionics materials applying single crystal and thin film technologies, and investigate their ion dynamics using electrochemical methods

Research subjects
  1. Fabrication of model materials
  2. Fabrication of ion transfer model interface and develop fast ion transfer interface
  3. Fabrication of ion accumulation model interface and develop highly concentrated ion accumulation interface

A02 Advanced Analysis




  1. 蓄電固体界面の物理化学局所状態評価のための高度計測手法の確立
  2. 高度計測を用いた蓄電固体界面の物理化学状態の多角的実測
  3. 蓄電固体界面の物理化学的描画とイオン輸送・蓄積特性の相関解明

A03 Computational & Data Science

Theoretical, computational & data science studies on mechanisms of interface-ionics


We investigate equilibrium/steady states and dynamics of electrons and ions around solid-solid interfaces via multi-scale type computational approaches between DFT level and continuum model as well as data-driven AI science approaches. Finally, we address to construct new theoretical framework for interface ionics.

Research subjects
  1. Computational analysis of equilibrium/steady state of electrons and ions around solid-solid interfaces.
  2. Data-driven AI analysis of interfacial properties in conjunction with experimental data.
  3. Establishment of more appropriate theoretical framework for interface ionics.

Schematic picture of the A03 approaches

A04 Design of Functional Interface

Development of New Solid State Ionics Materials through Design of Functional Interface


New functionality of materials is emerged when interface is formed between crystalline and amorphous materials. In this study, composite materials consisting of crystalline and amorphous materials are systematically studied, and the origin of new functionality for composite materials is also examined.

Research subjects
  1. Development of material synthesis procedures with highly designed interface (and grain boundary)
  2. Realization of “new” functionality of solid state ionics materials through the design of interfacial structures
  3. Study on new solid state devices with ionics materials, for instance, solid state capacitors, solid sate actuator etc.

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