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オープン 国際研究集会 2021.03.09

Interface IONICS online symposium 2021 Spring

Date: March 9th, 2021

Broadcast Live(終了しました。多数のご参加ありがとうございました。)

5:00pm Japan, 1:30pm India, 9:00am Germany

Participation: Online

Participation fee: Free


Interface IONICS organizes an online topical symposium on solid state ionics devices. In the upcoming symposium, Interface IONICS members & global scientists in academia discuss following two topics.

1. Lithium metal / Garnet-type solid-state electrolyte interface

2. Compositional non-stoichiometry issue at solid-solid interface

Schedule                                        Download Agenda from here.

Opening remarks: Prof. Yasutoshi Iriyama: Nagoya University

Chair: Yasutoshi Iriyama

■Keynote Lecture: Prof. Werner Weppner: CAU Kiel (30 minutes)
"Electrochemical Basics of Garnet / Electrode Interfaces"
■Invited Talk: Prof. Wolfgang Zeier: WWU Münster (20 minutes)
"Linking electrolyte degradation and ionic transport limitations to the performance of solid state batteries"

Break (10 minutes)

Chair: Masaki Matsui

■Invited Talk: Dr. Yoshitaka Tateyama: NIMS (20 minutes)
"DFT calculation study on Li metal / LLZO electrolyte interfaces: stability and ion transport"
■Invited Talk: Prof. Munekazu Motoyama: Nagoya University (20 minutes)
"Short-Circuiting of Li6.6La3Zr1.6Ta0.4O12 Caused by Li Plating"
■Discussion for Lithium metal / Garnet-type solid-state electrolyte interface (20 minutes)

Break(10 minutes)

Chair: Takashi Nakamura

■Invited Talk: Prof. Koji Amezawa: Tohoku University (20 minutes)
"Thermodynamic consideration on interfacial stability in all solid-state batteries"
■Invited Talk: Prof. Yasutoshi Iriyama: Nagoya University (20 minutes)
"Lithium concentration change around the interface in all-solid-state battery"
■Discussion for Compositional non-stoichiometry at solid-solid interface (20 minutes) 

Closing remarks: Ramaswamy Murugan: Pondicherry University

Science on Interfacial Ion Dynamics for Solid State Ionics Devices (Interface IONICS)


Prof. Masaki Matsui: Kobe University
e-mail: matsui[at]


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